Drone Inspection | Diagnostics

Our innovative drone technology is suitable for all types of drone inspections of wind turbines: for determining the need for repairs, for handovers within the scope of commissioning of new turbines, for warranty reports or recurring inspections. This applies to the wind turbine tower as well as the rotor blades and nacelle.

Rotor blades of wind turbines are permanently exposed to high impact, e.g. during transport, assembly or operation. This can result in damage that has a negative influence on the performance of the wind turbine. With our drone technology, these defects can be detected at an early stage.

The identification and classification of damage during drone inspection is largely automated with the support of artificial intelligence (AI). The automatically generated inspection report enables efficient and objective reporting on the condition of the wind turbine and the corresponding repair requirements. We enable our customers to use software applications to individually evaluate the acquired data.

Ulrich Küster

Ulrich Küster

Director Sales

Jan Peter von Hofe

Jan Peter von Hofe

Director ISP Service

Evaluation Software

Based on high-resolution photos, our software provides comparative data on the changes of the condition of the wind turbine.

Offshore Drone Inspection

The drones are stable offshore even at high wind speeds (14 m/s).

Holistic Inspection

Using our drone technology, the whole rotor blade can be reviewed.

Short Downtimes

The automatic generation of flight routes enables a fast and professional inspection.


Rotor Blade and Tower Inspection with State-of-the-Art Drone Technology

We inspect your wind turbines professionally onshore and offshore with our state-of-the-art drone technology. The automatic generation of flight routes ensures a very effective and holistic drone inspection. By objectively determining the need for repairs, we minimise downtimes and thus increase the productivity of your wind turbines. Within the framework of the partner programme, we support cooperation partners in the use of our drone technology.

  • Drone technology for all types of inspections
  • Drone deployment onshore and offshore
  • Autonomous flight routes of drones
  • Damage identification and classification based on AI
  • Automatically generated inspection reports
  • Automated information transfer into your software
  • Comparative data from previous drone inspections
  • Cooperation in drone inspections within the framework of our partner program