Rotor Blade Service

We are your specialist in inspection, maintenance and repair of rotor blades throughout Europe. By using innovative technologies we optimise the operation of your wind turbines. With our weather-proof working platforms, we provide rotor blade service in almost any weather condition - even in autumn and winter - in double-shift operation. In this way we reduce weather-related downtime of your wind turbines. The inspection of rotor blades by drone issues service reports by using  artificial intelligence. This provides you with an efficient and objective report on the condition of your wind turbines and the corresponding repair requirements.

Florian Husen

Florian Husen

Managing Director

Ulrich Küster

Ulrich Küster

Director Sales

Year-Round Rotor Blade Repair

With our weather-proof working platform we are also ready for use in autumn and winter.

Drone Inspection

You receive an efficient and objective report on the condition of your rotor blades and the need for repairs.

Reduced Downtimes

Year-round use in double shift operation reduces the downtimes of your wind turbines.

Operating Throughout Europe

Our international teams are active in rotor blade service throughout Europe.


Inspection, Maintenance and Repair of Rotor Blades

Our highly trained international teams are active throughout Europe. Thanks to our weather-proof working platform, we can also offer inspection, maintenance and repair of rotor blades in autumn and winter, regardless of the weather.

  • Drone based rotor blade and tower inspection
  • Data evaluation of the inspection using artificial intelligence
  • Software-supported status reporting for inspection
  • Weather-proof working platform for repair and maintenance
  • Testing and repair of the lightning protection system
  • External and internal repairs of the rotor blade
  • Applying or renewing of front edge protection
  • Repair of surface and structural damages
  • Application of signal coating
  • Inspections of rotor blades before and after transport
  • Full maintenance contract for rotor blades


We cut the downtimes of your wind turbines by half

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  • Sealable and heated working platform
  • 24/7, in use all year round
  • Double shift operation due to integrated lighting
  • Experienced technicians trained to GWO standards
  • 30% less work interruptions due to weather conditions
  • Easy Transport due to use of 3.5 tonne trailer
  • Optimisation of the wind farm's operational management